Irland: Straffbart å ikke oppgi passord og koder til politiet på gata

En ny lov i Irland gjør det straffbart å ikke oppgi passord til mobiler og datamaskiner når politiet stopper deg på gata. Strafferammen er opptil fem år fengsel og € 30.000 i bot.

Privatliv er noe som hører fortiden til i det nye Europa.

The Irish Times:

A person who refuses to surrender a password for a mobile phone or other device to gardaí will be committing a crime and could face up to five years in prison and a fine of up to €30,000 under new legislation being unveiled on Monday.

The move comes as more crime has migrated online where it is carried out on phones, computers and other devices protected by personal logins.

Garda sources said the pandemic had accelerated the commission of large numbers of crimes, including minor offences such as low-value drugs transactions, on messaging apps as in-person contact became restricted. They believed that trend would remain long after the pandemic and that the new power was vital to strengthen Garda searches to include access to mobile phones and other devices.

Igjen brukes pandemien som en unnskyldning, og det nevnes noe om mindre narkotikasalg. Unnskyldninger for å gi myndighetene mer makt overfor vanlige folk.

Videre heter det:

Security sources said the person refusing to surrender their password would have to be a suspect in a crime and trying to obstruct the investigation of that core offence before they would be convicted over the password refusal.

The new Bill will create the specific new criminal offence of password refusal and the most serious cases would be tried in indictment, before a judge the jury, where the most severe sanctions would apply. However, even in less serious cases where passwords were not supplied, a person could still be summarily prosecuted. On conviction that would carry a sanction of up to 12 months imprisonment and a fine of up to €5,000.

Europa er ikke hva det en gang var, og det på etter hvert veldig mange måter. Verre kommer det nok også til å bli.

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